While most mystery shopping companies and job boards are legitimate, you must be always aware and alert about scams in this area.

I would like to share a scam incident that happened to me a year ago. I received a cashier’s check of $1740 from Bloomington Crane Inc, Indianapolis (as shown in the picture). The cashier’s check seemed to be from Selco Community Credit Union ( as shown in the picture) and my instructions were that I had to buy 3 green dot moneypak refills of $500 each which would be a total of $ 1500 and I could keep $200 as my shop fee. I was happy and stunned at the same time. $200 was a big amount for the kind of shop that I had to conduct as against so many shops that I conducted or would see on the job listing. Also, till I don’t encash the check, it is a big amount to invest and what if my shop gets rejected for some reason.

So, I decided to wait until the check gets cleared, as I had some time with me before I had to submit the shop. I put the check for clearance and within about an hour, I got a call from the bank, that the check is a counterfeit check and I had to pay $12 for putting in a counterfeit check. The bank officials were nice, they realized I didn’t know and helped me to lodge a complaint.

So, beware of these kinds of big amount checks that may turn out to be counterfeit checks and check thoroughly before depositing them in your account.

There have many instances of money transfer shops like the western union and money gram where fake checks are issued to the shoppers, that have been posted on mystery shopping forums and blogs.

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