Helping local businesses understand better Market Research with Jersey Business

It was a real pleasure to have been working with Jersey Business with a Group of 8 local business during a period of 3 weeks’ workshop and help them understand their research needs and how to develop a market research campaign.

Market research is an essential tool for any start-up or growing business because it will give you knowledge about your customers and your market that will enable your business to offer products and services that people are likely to buy. Effective market research will give you an understanding of whether or not there is a big enough market for your business as well as deeper insights into your customers’ preferences, buying patterns, your competition as well as shifts your industry and the economy.

Market research isn’t just for the start-up phase but should be part of developing your ongoing strategy so that you can make informed choices about your products or services and how you market these to your customers.

These steps will guide you through the process of conducting effective market research.


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